Durable and vandalism-proof

These days, transport chairs not only have to be durable and low maintenance, but – sadly – they also need to be vandalism-proof. So the frame, seat and backrest of the Axi are made entirely of high-grade steel with a minimum number of moving parts.

The Axi is fitted with maintenance-free, anti-leak tires, so the chair is always light to manoeuvre and easy to steer. Thanks to the protective powder coating, the Axi can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Hard to steal

The optional coin slot and/or anti-theft post significantly reduce the risk of theft.

Tip: You can decorate both the Axi itself and the antitheft post with a printed design of your own choice.

CE Certified
Max 150 kg
Max 150 kg
Max 15 kg
Max 15 kg
Max 8 degree
Max 8°